Capabilities Sheet - One Pager

Important... A capabilities sheet is designed to showcase a basic overview of your companies story, capabilities, certifications held, contracts awarded, product and service offerings, NAIC codes, and other pertinent information that gives the reviewer a quick snapshot about your company.

We customize a one-pager that delivers an impact-full snapshot of your company integrating all information and designed to appeal to the reviewer...     

Capabilities Sheet... 

Designed to give the Government a Snapshot of who you are and what you have to offer...

One-Pagers are as important as your sales brochures... The Government appreciates a well formatted and designed one-pager packed with information that provides them a quick snapshot of the current state of your business and that showcases your past experiences.


So, don't leave this to chance...  Your story is worth $$$$Thousands... 



Get Started with our designs that are used by many business just like yours...! 

*Included: Custom One-Pager Design: 

  • Branded Template

  • Short Recap of Business

  • NAIC Codes

  • SBA Certifications

  • Awarded Contracts

  • Products Offered

  • Services Offered

  • Point of Contact

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