Want to sell your products to the United States Government...?

Want to sell your products to the United States Government but not sure where to start...? 

Our staff has hands-on experience on what it takes to prepare products Manufactured outside of the U.S. for distribution into the U.S. We have worked with large Manufacturing product development providing advise and guidance on what devices both hardware and software have to meet to be compliant with Government Standards.


Once you meet the specifications of the Department of Defense then your products will be acceptable across the entire U.S. Government. 

What we offer: Develop it Right the First Time... 

  • Product Security Specifications -Department of Defense Security Specifications that "MUST BE MET" by your product in order to be Approved prior to Government Purchase.

  • Penetration Testing - Learn what penetration tool you will need and what's required to pass the penetration test before your products are allowed on the Government Network.

  • Product Assessment and Report - We will assess your products specifications and give a you gap analysis reports of our findings and step-by-step changes needed.

  • Sales Channel Network - We have Value Added Resellers Network that are ready to distribute your "Cleared Products" to U.S. Government.   





******Please Review Compliance Specifications Below... These are the minimums******


Things to consider prior to trying to sell your products to the U.S. Government (No matter if they're Manufactured in the US or Out of Country your electronic products / IoT devices must meet the following...


What types of Electronic Products have to be Compliant with Department of Defense (DoD) prior to U.S. Government purchasing?

Electronic / Software Products: (Note: This is only a Short-Sample-List)

  • IoT Devices (sensors, wearable, mobile, etc)

  • Network peripherals (printers, computers, IP phones, etc)

  • Software / Software Tools (any type)

  • Operating Systems (any type)

  • Coding Languages (any type)

What does the Government look for? Does your device or software contain:

  • Firmware / Require Software/Firmware Updates

  • Require a password

  • Require Security Patching and/or OS Updates

  • On-board web interface configuration

  • Store/Transmit any type communication (sensors)

  • Mobile and App devices

  • Wearable devices

Was the device or software developed in a Trade Act Agreement Country? Do you know which countries are TAA approved companies? 

  • Non-TAA is a show stopper on most U.S. Government contracts

  • However there is a workaround available

Does your devices meet:

  • EPEAT Silver or Higher

  • NIST Security Requirements

  • FIPS 140-2/3

  • Common Criteria



  • DISA Approved Products List

  • OneNet Products List

More info... to consider...

The Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017 requires contractors that sell IoT devices to the government to ensure that the devices are validated and that they meet government Security Specifications. 

Our staff at Mr. Government has the experience testing, validating, and providing security specifications for products (Hardware/Software/Security) to OEM's who sell their products to the government. We have also worked directly as a clearing house some of the Government largest GWAC contracts.

We've found that the simplest way for OEM's to ensure compliance is to build to the Government specifications during the product development process prior to manufacturing the product. This allows for adequate planning for how to support the product throughout the life cycle including security patching, updating, configuring, etc ensuring it meets the targeted government specifications... We know these specifications and with work with your product development team to ensure the product is built to 100% government specifications and help align distribution and marketing direct to the government buyers.

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