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Billions in US Government Spending - How much did your Business Capture?

January 8, 2017


Billion in Government Spending... How much did your Business Capture?


Capturing Government opportunities is half the battle... Right? Well of course it is but how many of these opportunities have you been able to capture, foster, and win? How many has your competitors won? Do you know who to target or do you just fire at bid boards as opportunities are posted? As you may or may not know there are many different ways to capture Government opportunities from the old school techniques like attending conferences, hiring candidates that's been in the industry for a gazillion years, knowing the right people, retiring from a certain Government role, and so on... Right... I'm sure you've thought about this or heard this is how the successful companies have done it and so you should to or should you?

What if there is another way to attract more opportunities and different approaches that you never have to leave your home office for? What if there was away to get ahead of those opportunities before they make the notorious bid boards if you just knew about it.

Here are some techniques that will increase your win ratio...

I wake up each and everyday looking for ways to get ahead of opportunities so that I can lock in an opportunity before anyone else catches wind of it and I apply these same techniques that have helped me continue to keep a full pipeline of opportunities in-which many result into awards.

So, I know your wondering what those techniques are and I will share a couple of examples and ask that you download the others from my ebook due to me wanting to only share these priceless techniques with only businesses who are interested in what I have to offer. I don't want to waste my time and techniques with companies who will never put some action behind them... and hey I can tell you I have large companies that never implement these techniques and then they wonder why their sales suffer in the Government space...

Technique Example 1 "The Basics":  The first I'm going to share is the most basic of the basics but its overlooked time and time again. Just like most Start-Ups that operate with a business plan that's stuck in the head of the owner and then they can't seem to figure out why the folks hired can't produce any sells. And its what I call an epidemic in the Government space due to the amount opportunities that are posted each day. I don't have the exact number but I know its over 100k RFQ/RFI/Sources Sought/Orders are placed a day and I suspect at a transaction level its well beyond that. But to keep it short for this example "The Basics" of what I'm talking about is to have a plan and a target of what your going after... It's really that simple... Now I know that's easier said than done and I was caught up in this as well and I still work with small businesses that operate this way on a daily basis. I mean why would a Technology focused business be chasing opportunities for Spray Paint and the funny thing is they won the award. But I ask them today what is your next 5 year plan to bring your business into a relevant state where you actually sell or provide services that your willing to hang your hat on and the same ole answer well this still pays the bills. So, as you can imagine they're stuck in this spiral of revenue selling everything and anything which is not exactly what we would call a sustainable and grow-able business. Some may argue this point with me but really how do you hire a 20 year Tech Salesperson and have them chasing paper, pencils, paint, desks, and then when you get chance bid some tech stuff... I mean really... Then how do you identify your company to the Government? I mean the capabilities sheet all dolled up looks great but when the Government looks across your CPARS records and realize that your Tech Company is really an office supply company then you'll GET where I'm going. Yet, so many companies start out this way and stay stuck in this spiral and then wonder why they haven't captured and won any other business then a few pencil orders...    

Bottom-line just like a Business Plan a Sales Strategy of who your going to target, where your going to target, what your going to provide, do you have the capabilities to provide, etc have to written or typed out and a plan of action that gives specific roles and responsibilities or in short "Tasks" to each persons area of responsibility. This will help establish your path forward and most importantly the set of the sail for your business and it will help you avoid getting caught in that down spiral with the others.

Offer: We have experience working with Start-Ups - Multi-Billion dollar companies who capture contracts each year based on strategies that we've put together for them. Get the rest of the story in my ebook along with the tools and resources you need to get started... Click Here


Technique Example 2: In this example lets talk about teaming partners for larger contracts that your company can't handle as a prime. Now of course everyone wants to be the prime but unfortunately start-ups and mid size companies have to partner with other partners in-order to meet the compliance of the contract. This also creates a huge problem for busy business owners because many times they don't have the tools or expertise to evaluate what they're getting themselves into with some companies. Many teaming partnerships happen over a beer after a conference when all the juices are flowing and you think this is a great idea. Then when you get ready to call on them to get involved it all falls apart or they can't hold up their end of the deal. So, I've been fortunate to go through selection processes that large companies use to vet out the best partners by using a matrix approach and good old fashion research. Yep, the companies that are successful in building legitimate strong teams are the ones that ask the tough questions and have the other company respond in a written format just like a job interview. You wouldn't hire an employee with taking a look into their background and references would you? So, you for certain cannot leave this to chance when selecting the right partner especially when you have to answer to the Government when things go south... 

We have tons more to share with you and so this is what we're asking you to do...

Offer: We experience working with Start-Ups - Multi-Billion dollar companies who capture contracts each year based on strategies that we've put together for them. Get the rest of the story in my ebook along with the tools and resources you need to get started... Click Here

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