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Want your Own GoldMine...?

January 20, 2017



$$$MILLIONS ARE WAITING ON YOU.... Click Here to Claim your today...


Why go digging in the ground when we know that the US Government Spends over $2+ TRILLION dollars every year on products and services that you offer? 


It doesn't matter if you offer Janitorial, Pencils, Paper, Vehicles, Tractors, Missile Defense, Satellites, Logistics, Mars Travel, or Enterprise Data Center Technologies and software that trains robots... It does not matter because the US Government buys it by the TRILLIONS...!


   What if you had a GoldMine Dashboard where you were able to track your clients buying habits, what they bought, who they bought it from, who executed the contract, how much was the contract for, where and when was it posted, how much did my competitor sell it for, etc coupled with predictive analytics that could predict and notifying you prior to RFQ or Buy Releases? What if you could put this information into a Pipeline system for a Inside Sales, Business Developer, or Account Executive to follow up on...? Would this not be priceless and essentially your own GoldMine....? 



THIS IS NOT A WEATHER MAP.... But rather it's our Heat Tracking GOLD Monitor Technology and Analytics at work tracking near Real-Time Sales for the HOTTEST area's to do business in... I suspect many of you are thinking WOW this in My BACKYARD... and you guest YEP its happening right in your Backyard RIGHT NOW...


      Let's take it a step further... Now what if the contracts and orders that your team has already earned was captured into a central analytical data mine that had easy to use analytical / sales / and customer engagement tools that allowed you to put your company and offering in front of those Buyers prior to the buy...? Would this not be a priceless way of doing business each and everyday? Could you imagine waking up each morning clicking an App Button and everything you need to know about your sales day was at your fingertips? Can you imagine the amount of sales your team could bring in simply by following the data and monitoring what's being purchased this week in your local area and across the US Government...?   







   Bottom-line this GoldMine does exist and it can be yours but so many companies spend their time on Airplanes and Travelling to meet the so called "Big Dawgs" and are missing so many opportunities that could be exploited right inside their own business. Furthermore, they're missing opportunities right in their backyard... but so many sales people have to please the boss and are travelling 5 days a week hoping to reel that big deal in and not paying attention to the costs and expense it took to win that contract the "Old Fashion" way...





Don't get us wrong we do think the "old fashion" ways are great... but we know that we're in the 21st Century and we should be preparing our businesses to operate at the speed of buying... Just think about it like this to earn even a Million in sales today it takes a multitude of personnel and in many cases a lot of contracts/buys (depending on what you sell of course) which equals a mountain of disparate sales data sets and in many cases because businesses are "to Busy" and they're not positioned with the correct technology or expertise from the start to handle this type of growth they struggle to make sense of their data and normally just abandon the data all together or they have to spend Earned Revenues down the road and tons of resources to even come close to having this type capability and I want even mention their unwavering way of doing business which is hard to change once it done this way... If this fits the way your doing business "Don't Worry" we can help....


Don't just take our word for it... SEE IT ACTION... CLICK HERE... and contact us today...











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