Custom Proposal Development Process that "Gets the Job Done"...!

Keys to leveraging our Proposal Development Process: 

Our approach to proposal development is a 2-fold approach where we have the Proposal Development Process but more importantly we have a 3-Step Contract Discovery/Compliance Matrix that identifies whether you should respond to a request or not. This allows you to determine if your in full compliant with the request and identify key risks that have to be addresses prior to writing the response.


3-Step Contract Discovery/Compliance Matrix - Use the steps below prior to starting the writing exercises in order to save you time and money...


Step 1. RFI / RFP  Requirements Review

  • Identify and extract the requirements of the request

  • Requirements Scorecard helps align whether or not the opportunity is a good fit for your business

  • Teaming scorecard also takes into account teaming partners on whether they're a good fit

  • Scorecard also identifies if you have available bandwidth to bid the request

Step 2. Key Business Area Review

  • Review / Extract key Resource Requirements / Security Clearances

  • Review and analyze Past Performance and Evaluation Criteria 

  • Review Financial Requirements

  • Review costs of Proposal Development

  • Establish Win Probability

Step 3. Check-Off Compliance Review

  • Executive Summary

  • Technical Approach

  • Management Approach

  • Key Resources

  • Past Performance

  • Risks Identification / Mitigation

  • Quality Assurance

  • Overall Costs 

*Once you've completed the 3-Step process your ready to define writing assignments and complete the Proposal Develop Process from the chart above... If you need help contact us... 

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